Cultural Tourism Sites in Makassar Indonesia

Makassar Indonesia is a city which is famous with its beach, diving, and snorkeling attractions. In fact, this city have many preserved cultural tourism spots, besides it tropical paradises. In a certain village in this city, you can see how locals still preserve its culture and doesn’t change for 400 years. Even with the modernization, the people still able to protect their cultural heritages. In other sites, this city have historical sites from during colonial period. You can also see how locals made traditional fabric with original method. For further explanation, you can refer on these references.

  1. KeteKesu

KeteKesu is a tourist village known for its traditional customs and traditional life, which still retains the historical values of past lives. Traditional ceremony is often held by the people around this village, especially the procession of death ceremony or commonly called “signs solo”. Due to its cultural uniqueness, this village is designated as a cultural heritage of Makassar Indonesiaby UNESCO. In this village, there are lines of traditional house namely Tongkonan facing each other. Those traditional house of Toraja is functioned as a storage place for rice barn. The special part of the house is that it have beautiful carvings on it. The buffalo horn is installed in front of the house as a marker of the high social status of homeowners.

  1. Rotterdarm Fortress

Fort Rotterdam or Fort Rotterdam is located not far from the Losari Beach area. This fortress is one of the historical heritage of Gowa-Tallo Kingdom which was built in 1545 by the ninth king. When viewed from above, the shape of this fort resembles a turtle that is crawling toward the sea. Turtles are selected because these animals can live in water and on land, this is in accordance with the Gowa-Tallo Kingdom that triumphed in the sea and the land. In the Dutch colonial era, this fort was used as a storage place for spices taken from eastern Indonesia. In the fortress complex, there are 13 buildings and five towers with a tower at the entrance, while four other towers are on every corner of the fort area. You can visit this place by paying around $2-5 to explore the museum.

  1. Lakkang Village

Lakkang is a floating village on Tallo and Pampangriver, Sulawesi. This village is still traditional and you will not see any busy city sounds there.t here, you can also tour the history by visiting a number of bunker relics of Japan. In the past, Lakkang was a hiding place for the Japanese army when Japan overran Makassar. In addition to visiting the bunker, you can also maritime trips around this village by using boat while enjoying local coffee and the typical food namelypalluunti-unti and pallukacci on the boat.

Rather than visiting the city center, it is better to try cultural tourism sites in Makassar Indonesia. There you can learn about locals traditional live and see the wonderful sides of Indonesia. Enjoying this kind of exploration will bring you extraordinary satisfaction which you can’t obtain from other places. You won’t be regretted to visit those places, as those are surrounded with natural scenery and beautiful views.

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