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How to Look Cool

When you want to look cool you would want to turn to the ultimate badass and cool icon who is none other than Steve McQueen. On screen, he was often the villain but even so, women are crazy over him while men copy his swag. No wonder Steve McQueen is still relevant today. If you want to copy this icon’s style, never forget to include vintage men’s rolex watches.

Compared with today’s style of clothing for men, McQueen’s is still timeless. Most young men now prefer baggy outfits that lack smoothness when it comes to appeal. That get up is a no-no for a real gentleman. So, besides vintage men’s rolex watches, what else would a man need to look sleek like Steve McQueen.

Always remember this combination, which is very basic, as the first tip. You will need a blazer topped over a turtleneck. Steve McQueen made this combination so big in the sixties. This simple, yet sophisticated get up is perfect whether it is during cold daytime activities or evening parties. Rock this outfit with sunglasses during the day. For more oomph, you will need really awesome boots. And of course, do not forget vintage men’s rolex watches.

Moving on, being tough and rough is does not happen all the time. Therefore, you should also have a good suit for certain occasions. To be like McQueen is to be able to pull of sleek suit as well. You should keep in mind that there are occasions when leather jacket and jeans are inappropriate so it is important for you to be able to piece together a suit and have a little bit of Steve McQueen’s confident. Try combining a Prince of Wales check-suit a crisp shirt with a nice matching tie. This attire goes best with black brogues. Complete this look with your choice of vintage men’s rolex watches. Have a sleek hair style when wearing a suit.

Try your hardest to be able to carry the basic and the classic Steve McQueen attire. The guys who can pull of the ultimate cool look are scarce. McQueen’s signature outfit comprised of jeans, white shirt and canvas shoes. As simple as it may seem, it is a no-nonsense get up that you wear with a lot of confidence. Remember that the tee should fit well meaning it is not too loose or too tight. Polish this look with sunglasses, most preferably Wayfarer type. It is also good to have a denim jacket. Nobody looked cooler than Steve McQueen in this laid back style. Whatever Steve McQueen look you are trying to copy, do not forget vintage men’s rolex watches.

The most important piece you need to carry with your regardless of the outfit or the occasion is confidence.

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