Spanish Wedding Dresses – Dress Styles and Brands

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Any bride wants to look elegant, to keep all the tenderness and romanticism of the image, but at the same time she dreams to be original. Spanish wedding dresses may help the bride to achieve the mentioned goals.

Bridal Gowns in Spanish Style

Every element should be perfect in the attire of the bride. When a dress in the traditional motifs of Spain becomes your choice, during the wedding ceremony you will look like seductive Carmen. Spanish silhouette of a dress with a corset, a fluffy skirt with an endless hem, a lot of flounces and ruffs successfully complement each other. In such a dress, any girl will look like a real flamenco or pasodoble dancer, while saving the refinement of the image.

Spanish wedding dresses are traditionally complemented by a long veil. This veil is called mantilla. It is distinguished by a special cut, making a veil a very noticeable detail in the image of the bride. Mantilla necessarily has a lace contour or embroidery. It covers the head and shoulders.

Styles of Spanish Wedding Dresses

  1. Mermaid style. Initially, this wedding gown was called Carmen. It has a tight-fitting silhouette and a skirt flared from the knees. The dress allows a bride to look very tempting. Often Mermaid style dress has a long hem with ruffles or lace.
  2. The Baroque. This style is distinguished by an abundance of ruff and lace, which makes the dress skirt lush. The silhouette itself resembles richly decorated outfits of the Baroque era.
  3. V-neck and fitted silhouettes. Deep neckline and underlined thighs are the most important details in the image of the bride in the Spanish style. This silhouette allows the bride to emphasize the advantages of her figure. The skirt can expand from the hip line; it often has an asymmetrical cut.

Famous Spanish Brands Producing Wedding Dresses

The most popular brands of Spanish wedding dresses are:

  1. Rosa Clara. This brand began its history with a boutique in Barcelona that sold products and accessories. Today it is a company that collaborates with world famous designers.
  2. Pronovias. This wedding company is known in every corner of the world thanks to special magnificence and refinement of bridal gowns recognizable by elite materials and bohemian lace.
  3. La Sposa. It is a subsidiary brand of Pronovias. La Sposa wedding dresses feature romanticism of silhouettes, the seductiveness of forms, and the luxury of fabrics&
  4. Cabotine. A-silhouette and mermaid dresses predominate in collections of this brand. They combine simplicity and richness and provide a bride’s image with a clear harmony.
  5. Novia D’Art. It is a collection of gowns created by Teresa Reich. Novia D’Art is represented by classic, modern and minimalist outfits that feature a unique stylistic cocktail.

Other Spanish wedding dresses brands include Pepe Botella, YolanCris, St. Patrick, and White One.

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